roofing contractors Centennial CO

Finding the Most Durable Roofing Shingles for Your Home

roofing contractors Centennial CO

Roofing shingles are among the most popular and most common roofing materials throughout the country. Shingles come in three basic varieties, each of them providing specific benefits and offering different levels of durability – Per experienced roofing contractors Centennial CO pros, here is what to expect:

-        3-tab shingles – the most affordable type of shingles offers a lifespan of a couple of decades, provided that the conditions are right and the owner of the roof pays proper attention to the roofing cover. 3-tab shingles do not require any special maintenance, but cleaning and inspection performed regularly is essential for maintaining the roof’s resistance;

-        Dimensional shingles – the next level of strength in the range of roof shingle varieties consists of two or more layers and it can be expected to last for over three decades, providing enhanced protection against the elements. The material is slightly higher priced than 3-tab varieties, but it offers not only enhanced durability, but outstanding looks as well;

-        Luxury shingles – also made from asphalt, luxury shingles provide elegant, multi-dimensional appearance, very similar to wood or slate and maximum durability. In terms of pricing, luxury shingles are somewhat more expensive than other shingle varieties, but cheaper than other, high-end materials, such as slate or wood.