Why Commercial Roof Maintenance is Important

Just like a residential roof, a commercial roof needs periodic maintenance from professional Centennial roofers to unlock its full potential and provide adequate protection for as long as possible.

Although largely ignored, roof maintenance is actually a chance for building mangers to detect smaller problems before they turn into disasters and keep the structure safe.

Maintenance operations require some time and resources, but they are affordable and really worth every penny due to the long-term benefits they provide:

·        Maintenance maximizes the service life of a commercial roof

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Average commercial roofing systems are designed to last 15-20 years, but the lack of regular maintenance will reduce their life span to 10-15 years, because of premature wear and undetected problems that make a roof vulnerable.

·        Roof maintenance also protects the interior of the building

When a roof starts to leak, there will not be only water infiltrations in the attic, but also in the rest of the building, negatively impacting day-to-day operations as well as the indoor comfort and energy efficiency.

·        Maintenance operations reduce liability

Unstable roofs not only cause property damage and structural problems, but also safety hazards. Commercial roofs are flat and most of them allow traffic, especially that they typically store equipment (HVAC systems, solar panels etc.). Overflows can make them slippery thus very unsafe to be walked on.

Preparing for a Roof Replacement

A roof replacement is an important investment – and an expensive one, therefore you have to make some preparations. First of all, it is important to keep in mind that the roofing specialists are most busy at the end of the summer and in autumn, so scheduling the best Centennial roofing company for roof replacement by the end of winter or in early spring can help you save some money and time, because construction prices are typically lower and operations may take less time.

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Tips to avoid being surprised by the costs and have your budget ready for the roof replacement

·        Do not wait until the last minute

If your roof is 25-30 years old already and it is made from asphalt shingles or other common roofing materials (there are also materials with warranties of 50 years+!), consider replacing it. As the total replacement of a roof can be costly, the best thing would be to set aside a budget for your project, a few years earlier than the expiration date of the roof, and save a small amount of money each month. This way, you avoid the financial burden.

·        Also prepare a budget for regular inspections and repairs

It is ideal to pay attention to small things rather than to face big problems. Through regular inspections and maintenance operations, you will prolong the life of your roof and you will have to take less money from your pocket for repairs.


Residential Roof Repairs for First Time Homeowners

Usually, people neglect the repairs and maintenance operation they need to perform regularly on the most important part of the building - the roof! For first time home owners, we've prepared some useful information about the importance of fixing the roof and keeping it in good shape.

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A water leak is a major problem, no matter how seemingly insignificant it looks like, because not only it infiltrates and sometimes wets the ceiling but it may also affect the entire structure of the house. So, repairing small problems identified during the periodic inspection must be a constant priority, because the roof protects the entire house.

How do you identify a roof leak? How do you deal with it? These questions need answers, especially for first time homeowners who must learn what to do each time they face such a problem.

Investigating the leak:

·        Examine the roof on the outside and the inside, look for broken materials, moisture and discolorations

·        Cracked or peeling paint is another sign that indicates the existence of a roof leak

·        Check the areas around ventilation holes, pipes, chimneys

·        Make sure there are no missing or curled tiles

For repairs, always contact local licensed Centennial roofing companies.