Is Your Roof Ready for The Snow?

Fall is a busy time for homeowners, the time when they need to start preparing their entire home, including their roof for the snow and for the freezing weather. When the heat of the summer subsides, most roofs are not yet ready for the snow, but it takes only a few simple measures to get it ready for the last season of the year – here they are:

-        Cleaning and inspection – both are essential for maintaining the health of your roof during the winter. Your roof needs to be cleaned because the debris that has accumulated on the roof surface and in the gutters because it will absorb water and cause the material underneath to become weak and damaged and airborne debris combined with water can also clog the gutters, preventing them from efficiently driving water away from the edge of the roof and from the walls of the building;

-        Repairs – only a strengthened and intact roof can stand up to rain, snow and cold, so if you detect any faults during the roof inspection, such as cracks, damaged tiles or shingles, sagging or damaged gutters, damaged flashing stripes, proceed to repairing them right away. The best way to ensure that the repairs are done properly is to turn to a top notch Centennial roofing company.

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