Roofing Terminology You Should Know

Centennial roofers

If you are currently planning a major roofing project, such as roof replacement or new roof installation, it is certainly a good idea to familiarize yourself with some of the terminology used by Centennial roofers. Here is some help with the structural components of the roof:

-        The decking – the structural layer right above the attic or above the topmost layer of the building is the decking, also called sheathing. The layer is made from plywood and it serves as the bed for the nailing that holds down the roofing material;

-        The roof valley – the V-cut part of the roof that joins two roof sections and is usually covered with flashing – another important roofing term;

-        The eaves membrane – the protective membrane spread underneath the roofing shingles to provide extra strength and protection;

-        The roof ridge – the topmost line of the roof, usually covered in special caps;

-        Roof vents – enclosed structures made from metal or plastic that ensures proper air circulation underneath the roof, in the attic area. There are usually two vents on a roof – one at the base to let air in and one at the top, underneath the ridge, through which air leaves the attic space.