Centennial roofing

How A New Roof Can Improve Your Home Value

Investing into a new roof is something that increases your home’s value in more than one way – here are some:

-        Improved curb appeal – installing new Centennial roofing makes your entire building look more attractive and makes a great first impression on your potential buyers. Pick the roof color and texture that harmonizes best with the colors used on the rest of your building, the walls, the trim, the window frames and the entry door included to create a spectacular appearance;

Centennial roofing

-        Improved energy efficiency – modern roofing materials have better insulation properties than old ones and new roofs are also completely intact, preventing the energy exchange between the building interior and the outdoor environment. Your new roof will have an almost instant, positive effect on your energy bills (making them lower all year around);

-        Avoiding problems during building inspections – building inspectors pay special attention to roofs and they will appreciate a building that has a brand-new roof. The building appraisals that you get for your property that has been recently reroofed will be more favorable and will put you into a much better negotiating position, whether for selling the property, for taking out a mortgage loan on it or for other purposes.