How to Spot Hail Damage on Your Roof

Hail damage is not always easy to detect on your roof, so if you want to be sure that your roof is ok after a hailstorm, you should hire a Centennial roofing pro. This is the smartest decision because you also avoid climbing the roof and exposing yourself to accidents. Besides, the report of a specialist will leave no room for doubts; you either have or do not have hail damage. On the other hand, if you inspect the roof on your own, you will never be sure that you actually noticed anything that you should, because you are not trained nor experienced in roofing.

Centennial roofing

The roof must be always treated with a responsible attitude, regardless the way you translate this.

If you decide to check your roof for hail damage after all, with no specialized help, the following information will probably be useful to you.

Immediately after a hailstorm, go outside, observe the size of the stones and the damage they did to cars, vegetation and other outdoor appliances. If you notice dents and scrapes, chances are you also have some roof damage. If you are lucky, the roof damage is only aesthetic, but don`t count on it.

Inspect the roof carefully and look for cracked or missing tiles and shingles, asphalt grit and dents in metallic materials and accessories. Don`t forget to mark the damaged area and take pictures for your insurance claim.