Exterior Home Maintenance Tasks for August

Home maintenance is an ongoing process, with season- and month-specific tasks. Here are some that you should handle in August:

-        Preparing your yard for the fall – pruning trees, removing dead leaves and deadheading flowers is among the most important tasks to take care of in the yard or garden;

-        Gutter and roof cleaning – debris keeps collecting in gutters and on the roof all the time and August is the perfect time to to have roofing Centennial contractors remove all the dirt that has collected up there during the summer. Thunderstorms are rarer in August, so you don’t need to worry that your gutters and your roof will get covered in dirt again before the winter arrives;

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-        Clean and seal your deck or your patio – with fall and winter approaching, you will need to clean the wooden components of your outdoor space and you will also need to apply some sort of protective coating on the wood to make sure it all stays healthy during the cold, harsh months;

-        Weather-stripping the areas around your doors and windows – clean the frames and check the wall around the openings to detect any cracks or holes that need your attention. Repair the frames as well as the cracks in the wall with some caulk to make sure that the air that you have warmed with so much energy does not slip out.